Data Migration

Data migration from on premise data sources to the Cloud provides enterprises the opportunity to not only gain the benefits of Cloud operating costs and scalability, but if done correctly, changes the way Enterprises manage their data in the Cloud to increase value from analytics. 

At Datasujh we have proven data migration processes, software, and skills to help you in your journey to the cloud regardless of the data types, frequency, and volumes.

Our Capabilities

We integrate innovative processes, tools, and solutions to ensure that your data migration is carried out quickly and effectively.

We use our industrialized data migration factory to help you combine data migration with an effective archival strategy. This ensures that new systems are commissioned, and old systems are decommissioned more quickly.

We execute these data migrations using our Global Delivery Model approach where both, onsite and offsite teams collaborate to provide top value to the customers.

While each data migration method is exclusive and unique, we tend to perceive what has worked for others. This expertise will help in running your project smoothly. Datasujh provides you with the finest professionals possessing the precise skill sets required to complete the project successfully.

Big Data Analytics

DataSujh’s innovative, proven approach ensures that a highly qualified team of industry-certified technology specialists work with your data analysts to unlock the value of your Big Data to better understand customer behavior. Dozens of live solutions created including Data Warehouses, BI Reporting, Predictive Analytics, ETL and Platform Migration Projects.

A comprehensive "big data" solution results in more effective, lower cost

applications, new metrics and capabilities, and an exponential increase in

actionable information about your markets and customers.


Machine learning and deep learning find insights hidden in data without explicitly

being told where to look or what to conclude. Our AI solutions include

comprehensive, intuitive machine learning tools with automated feature

engineering capabilities, resulting in better recommendations for faster, smarter

decision making.

From applying domain knowledge expertise, accessing the right data to deploying

well-trained predictive models, DataSujh helps to bridge your organizational data

through infrastructure and technology to deliver the most suitable AI solutions.

By making AI solutions accessible and affordable, DataSujh offers high

performance connectivity, scalable network and tailored AI solutions to enhance

your digital business


Our AI solutions address both industry and cross-industry business issues. We’ve

helped clients realize the following results with AI.

Below you can find the steps that we go through to build customized and state of the art AI


1. Ideation Meeting

2. Data Collection & Labelling

3. Development

4. System Deployment and Installation